The psychological analises and reflexions and, more importantly the experience of all those involved in the entrapreneur world, will agree that a definition of a true entrepreneur must necessarily meet certain,
rather complex characteristics that come to represent the person as a whole not by their sum but rather as their integration, giving life to a “dinamic” personality naturally driven to operate, but at the same time capable of giving a realistic evaluation of what confronts him; an“innovative” and “courageous”character who has both, the capacity to withstand all eventual frustrations and difficulties and an imaginative and creative personality who believes in his goals and persists in his efforts to achieve them always in respect of himself and of those around him.

Maurizio had all these characteristics!

Indeed, since our first meeting and during the years of our association, I have had the privilege to recognize in him a true entrepreneur: a tireless worker, full of enthusiasm, gifted with an unquestionable ability to relate to others, intelligent, righteous and extraordinarily loyal.

We worked side by side and during this association I have had an opportunity to appreciate, along with the imprenditorial talent, his very beautiful human qualities: his courage, his perseverance, his sense of balance, his respect and care for the family traditions, his love for the family, for his collaborators and friends.

Maurizio’s work shall continue thanks, above all, to his very loyal collaborators and friends.

It will continue in remembrance of his his enthusiasm and professionalism.
But the aching void that he left among the many people who loved and appreciated him, is truly hard to fill; so, it is with very profound sadness and infinite regret that I mean to join his dear ones in their sorrow: I too have lost a friend.

Franz Von Planta


  Fondazione Maurizio Caponi, Via De' Cordai, 7 - Livorno, Italy